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Kitchenette 2.0 Coming Soon

We’ve come a long way since launching in April 2023, and we’re grateful to every single customer, business partner and online supporter for getting Kitchenette off to such a strong start. A new chapter will soon begin at Kitchenette, and we’re hard at work on Version 2.0, a (slightly) new and improved version of the frozen foods you know and love. We can’t wait to share what’s around the corner!

We look forward to staying connected and can’t wait to return to your freezer in 2024! In the meantime, we want to hear from you! Email us with inquiries, pipe dreams, pet peeves and questions at community@getkitchenette.com.

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Good News for Pizza Lovers! 

Our beloved Bettina Pizzas will stay in production as we revamp the rest of our menu. Find them at The Eddy in Santa Barbara, and grab them while they last! Stay tuned for other local pickup locations, which we hope to introduce very soon. If a good spot comes to mind, stay connected and reach out to let us know!

The Eddy

137 E. De La Guerra Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93101